Trade Dory | Ed Tech & e-Learning Methodologies and Solutions

One of the areas where we will see a significant change is undoubtedly education, or it's more precise to say:  e-Learning sys & methodologies

This is a very important feature in the Post Covid 19 World, since in the new normal digital transformation is essential in order to adapt ourselves to the next new normal
The other alternative is to stay behind or not survive

Education entities, private and government schools, entrepreneurship & innovation tutorials and training - required to establish a complete set based on innovative and efficient work methodologies
Technology alone is not enough. There is an immediate need for a method and a convenient way for effective implementation. If not, the technology may remain on the sidelines and will not be used

We are collaborating with leading experts in order to bring many abilities for our worldwide clients, such as
* International consulting *
* Training & Certification *
* Development & Project Integration *
* Providing high quality educational solutions tailormade to client needs *
* Over 20 years of experience in the field of educational innovation *

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