Trade Dory | Exclusive Franchise for Battery Refurbishment plants

The Need - the global use of lead-acid batteries and now days the EV Batteries as well is ever growing and therefore the importance of cost reduction for the purchase, maintenance and waste disposal of batteries has become of high priority

The Solution - a unique advance technological solution that allows extending the life expectancy of batteries while providing as good as new quality and reliability for a significantly low cost

Benefits for the Franchise
A very low cost process with a huge margin
Reducing the environmental Impact by extending the battery lifetime
An attractive clean-Tec market with rapid growth globally
A relatively short period for the return of investment. (R.O.I.)
A relatively short period for Break-Even Point
A small-Mid initial business with a great growth potential under strict exclusivity
Gradual and controlled business growth ability
Worldwide support for all aspects of the business
A Crazy Market Growth Horizon for the EV (Electric Vehicle's) Battery (Lithium Ion and NiH.)