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Today we can see in many Hospital ERs that about 70% of arrivals - go home at the same day, ie it was not necessary to arrive in the first place

The last pandemic (Covid 19) has taught us that we must have immediate solutions for remote medicine, without compromising on quality and efficiency. These solutions - will stay with us and even become an essential tool for the next new normal
New technologies and remote medical solutions, allows us to provide a professional solution even at patient's home, in many cases

Our company works with the best manufacturers and technology developers in the world

Unique solutions for rehabilitation & physiotherapy, including customized programs, monitoring and control of progression and improvement. It's the best solution for remote Physical therapy at the patients' homes, and at the same time allowing healthcare organizations and insurers to provide measurable, affordable, and standardized quality of care
This is a mandatory product for hospitals and of course for home care (health) service providers

Smart platforms for health care including hospitals, HMO's and other homecare services providers.  Bluetooth connection to all existing devices, a computerized system with built-in menus for doctors & therapists, a simple and convenient for patients, a smart app and more

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