The Bridge Structure provides the Israeli clients from overseas services like: 
Product & service adaptation to the U.S.
Market, product & service certification if needed.
Market research of existing competition.
Potential buyer identification (B2C, B2B) assess.
Design a cost-effective U.S. market entry.
Directly / indirectly assist in the marketing / sales tasks.
Refer import bonded agencies, and provide any contacts needed for successful U.S. operations.
And more…

In the Bridge Structure includes our Israeli local partner as part of out team and local support.
The Bridge Structure local service includes: 
Onsite & Offsite meeting with the Israeli clients.
Direct contact with the Israeli company, fast updated for any issue that may arise from time to time.
Setting up an internal organization dedicated to doing business with the U.S
Ensure product adaptation necessities.
Monitor timely delivery of products and services.
Pre checking all documentation necessary for international trade.
Setting up foreign exchange channels if needed.
Monitoring progress to ensure complete alignment.
And more…

We offer 4 main steps for Market Entry:

Month 1 - product suitability, target market identification, market potential, necessity for certifications and permits

Month 2 - business and market entry plan and budget + certification if needed

Month 3 - preparation of all materials and personnel

Month 4 - U.S. entry implementation starts

Contact us for any question and need:

USA - Prof. Roberto Ancis

ISRAEL - Mr. Dotan Gilad