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ESBM's services are diverse but appeal mainly to companies,ESBM is a law firm located in Tel Aviv and Yoqneam, Israel.

We practice in Commercial, Intellectual Property, Patents, Taxes, Employment, and Real estate law.

Our customers are various companies and businesses operating in the field of high tech, retail, medical device, fintech, programming, and many more.

Besides being a law expert to our customers, we also serve as the Israeli desk of other international law firms.

the founders of ESBM and the head of the firm legal services are:

Adv. Eldar Sivan holds a degree in engineering from the Israeli Technion and two law degrees. Sivan has held various senior positions, including CEO and director, in companies in the high-tech, electronics, and industrial sectors.

Adv. Kobi Evrian holds a law degree and a degree in economics from Bar Ilan University.

Adv. Ram Ben Shabtai holds a bachelor's degree in law and a master's degree in business administration (capital market and finance) and has been certified in law since 2001. Adv.

Adv. Nitzan Masad holds a bachelor's degree in economics and accounting, a bachelor's degree in law and practice also a tax advisor.

Our firm's service is characterized by legal professionalism and business and engineering understanding and thus allows us to provide our clients with many added values that help them develop their expertise, create and achieve the goals and aspirations they have set for themselves and their business.
businesses, and startups, mainly technological but also traditional, that operate in Israel but also to Israeli companies that operate outside Israel's borders.

The basis of our professional services is a cooperation between attorneys with significant professional and business backgrounds in the areas of their consulting and operate. Our team includes attorneys with senior managerial, business, engineering, and tax consulting backgrounds.
Our services include participating in negotiations, labeling a legal-business strategy, and drafting various commercial agreements such as partners, founders, investment, options, franchises, representatives, contractors, leasing, and more.
Our services include labeling an IP strategy for our clients, consulting on the protection and infringement of intellectual property, and actual registration in Israel, Europe, and the US of patents, trademarks and designs, and legal advice field of copyright.
We draft and apply patent applications, trademarks, and designs in Israel, the USA, and Europe. We focus on the fields of mechanics, medical equipment, electricity, and more.
We advise our clients in the field of labor law in Israel, managing employer-employee relations and relationships with service providers.
We provide legal services in the field of tax law in Israel to individuals and companies, as well as in the matter of international agreements between individuals and companies.
Our services include legal management of diverse and complex real estate transactions in Israel. Including commercial space, options, purchase, lease, and more.
We represent our clients in various Israeli courts and tribunals.
In addition to direct advice to clients, we turn to and provide services to law firms from different countries that provide services for their clients in Israel.
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