Dotan Gilad

Trade Dory International Relations

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The Company
Trade Dory is a fast-growing company that integrates the diverse needs of manufacturers, industries, companies and municipalities -  with advanced technological solutions, potential J.V / coopertions  and worldwide business opportunities

Dotan Gilad – Founder & CEO
Founder & Owner of an International Relations & Business Development company, located in Israel, operating worldwide, mainly in Lat-Am countries, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

The Vision - to bring Technology & Solutions worldwide through understanding GloCal needs and adapting commercial activity accordingly, in order to have a better world for everyone.

The main reason – We are all one!  My positive activity brings much added value to other countries and people who need specific solutions for sustainability, business & prosperity.

The method - international business development & trade with the right partners who also care about others while sales comes after we solved others challenges or bringing them any added value.

Main topics and segments - we can bring much added value in: Water treatment, Agriculture, Industry, Homeland Security & Military, Health care, Food, Energy, Chemicals, Develop solutions based on advanced technologies (ML, AI, Blockchain, etc..)  and more…

Why to work with me – I'm your trusted partner with vast knowledge and having understanding about future vectors. My international business development also includes a broad strategic vision, identifying micro-changes and new trends that probably will grow significantly in a variety of different market segments. At the same time, fast tactical action on a daily basis, new ideas and suggestions for agile implementation by my clients.
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