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Alberto Timpauer works as Southwest Airlines First Officer and he is a Pilot Career Mentor. Al was previously at SkyWest Airlines. While at SkyWest Airlines, Al participated in several programs outside of flying. Al was a SkyWest Airlines Pilot Association Pilot Representative, SkyWest Airlines Pilot Association Professional Standards, Founder and Chairman, SkyWest Airlines Pilot Association Critical Incident Response Team Member, SkyWest Airlines Interview and Hiring Team Member, and SkyWest Airlines, Mentor Program Member. Al’s passion to serve and mentor aspiring professional pilots has led him to focus his efforts on various pilot development programs.

Flight Path Vectors We are a group of highly experienced professional pilots who are committed to helping aspiring pilots successfully enter the aviation industry and achieve their career goals in becoming commercial airline pilots. Our purpose is to develop the best and most sought-after pilots in the industry. We have extensive backgrounds and years of experience in aviation training, aviation mentorships, pilot hiring and recruiting, aviation career development, aviation leadership training, and airline program development. We know and understand what it takes to work towards and achieve a pilot job at the airline of your dreams. Because of our experience, we are in a unique position to help you succeed in aviation. 

We connect professional pilots with job opportunities.
We provide on-demand seminars (live or virtual) educating pilots, hiring managers, and aviation leaders on the current state of professional pilot demand and availability.
We provide hiring managers and aviation leaders with current and forecast information so they can make the best choice for their organizations.
FPV has many years of experience working as a member of hiring teams and interviewers at major airlines.
FPV knows specifically what airline interviewers are looking for in the interview process.
Let FPV help you prepare for your big interview day at the airline of your dreams.
Aviation resumes have unique and specific formats that are acceptable to pilot recruiting teams at major airlines.
Let FPV help you create your personalized aviation resume to help you successfully obtain an interview invitation from a major airline.
We can help you tailor your resume so that it is specific to your airline of choice.
We can help you develop and build your resume so that you are more competitive than your fellow pilots.
The FPV Team has years of experience attending large aviation career fairs as representatives from major airlines.
Let FPV help you build relationships and make face-to-face connections with recruiters from the airline of your dreams.
Speak to pilot recruiters from major and regional airlines at one of our FPV Aviation Career Fairs.
As a pilot at a major airline, flying the plane is only forty percent of the job and Soft Skills make up the other sixty percent.
Soft Skills are communication skills, leadership ability, management styles, and other similar skills that complete who you are as an airline pilot.
Soft Skills have become a very important piece of what Pilot Recruiters at major airlines look for in today’s commercial aviators.
Let FPV help you develop, refine, and improve your Soft Skills, to make you the complete pilot package, through one of our classes or workshops.
Our Airline Transition Course prepares pilots to make the move from military and civilian backgrounds to the Commercial Part 121 Airlines.
We give you the relevant information that you need so you can show up on your first day of ground school well prepared for your new airline job.
We can also give you airline-specific information, quality of life, and pay considerations, to help you select the airline that will be a perfect fit.
FPV can be a vital part of the decision-making process by giving you our perspective of the thirty-thousand-foot view of our occupation.
We can help you understand the details of a career as an airline pilot in the aviation industry.
We will give you all the information that you need to help you make an educated and well-informed decision on potentially leaving your current occupation and becoming an airline pilot.
The FPV Pilot Pathways Mentorship Program is available for new and experienced pilots.
Let the FPV Pilot Pathways Program enlighten your understanding of what it means to work towards and achieve a career as an airline pilot.
As you work towards your goal of becoming an airline pilot there will be many questions to be answered and decisions to be made.
The FPV Team has years of industry-leading, and commercial airline pilot, mentorship experience that can help you along your path.
Sign up for the FPV Pilot Pathways Mentorship Program today!
The future of commercial aviators is the youth in our elementary, middle, high schools, and colleges.
FPV has created programs to offer Aviation Career Day Seminars, in-person or virtual, and introductory flights for youth.
The FPV Team routinely works with students in STEM Programs.
FPV’s purpose is to inform and educate the youth about the highly rewarding career of a commercial airline pilot.
FPV provides guidance and direction to the youth on various ways to successfully become an airline pilot.
Proud sponsor of VolaR – Virtual Reality Flight Training
In the aviation industry, networking is critical to help you get hired as a pilot with a major airline.
FPV has decades of relationship-building and networking experience.
FPV can help you create, develop, and build your own successful aviation career path networks.
We create tailored projects for flight schools.
Please contact us.
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