Orit Damti Frairaich

CEO & Founder
Business consultant
Connect people to Oppertunities

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We are a group of business consultants, with a wide experience in the Military and the civil market.
We helped many retirees to start new business’s and consult them during the process.
We lecture, coach and consult in our areas of expertise, which are: management, logistic, defense, project management, engineering etc.

Damti-Frairaich Orit, NLP Coach & Business Consultant, ISRAEL.

Orit's activities include:

Connecting people to opportunities.

Helps high-rank army retirees with their first steps in the civilian business market.

Orit is able to find you the right P.O.C in ISRAEL in case you need connection to your business.

Helps companies who are interested in the Israeli's market and expand it's branches in Israel.

We connect your business ideas to a suitable Israeli’s high-rank army retirees, who can help you to execute them.
It's a process of searching and matching the right P.O.C that who can execute your ideas into action. Our network makes it possible.
We consult high-rank army retirees, in their first steps to the civilian market, coach them and help them to find global opportunities, according their abilities, and the connections they have after 25 years of service.
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