Dishen Maharaj, CEO | B.E.T - Business Enabling Toolbox

And there it is, Business Enabling Toolbox or B.E.T! A journey combining over 30 years of various experiences. An investment of hundreds of hours, more than a thousand conversations, and minimal sleep - all to ensure that B.E.T is a trusted companion, to you and your business, available 24/7!

B.E.T is the result of our vision and passion for the success of small businesses.  We always knew that despite the hard yards we needed to go (mentally, physically, and emotionally), the reward of knowing that we could make a difference in the lives of other business owners, their staff and the communities they operate in, would make it all worth it!

We are not only entrepreneurs but also business mentors who have a bias for offering a service for the greater good. We created B.E.T with the aim and belief that it would be the trusted companion, for businesses when they are seeking support that becomes too time costly or time-consuming. We didn't always have the support that we needed, but can now offer our learnings and experiences to other entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs. We know-how business owners are challenged with needing to work in their businesses, with little or no time to work on their businesses – the time is always a luxury!

We also know the importance of decision making and the need for decisions to be based on facts and relevant information. This information is not always available and even if it is, business owners may not always know what the information means. Making a wrong decision can have massive consequences on the business that people are so reliant on.

This is where we come in, B.E.T was developed to provide SMMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to grow, improve, and transform their businesses. With B.E.T, we believe that SMMEs would have a fighting chance of survival and not be part of the dreadful statistic of 25% of businesses failing within the first two years and 50% failing within their first four years!

Business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs can self-diagnose their businesses in a unique way that also identifies opportunities for development both proactively and reactively and also resulting in empowerment and business sustainability. With B.E.T at your side, you won't have to take on your business challenges alone!

Please connect with us - we’d like to hear about your exciting journey and to have the honor of B.E.T supporting your entrepreneurial vision and goals!

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