James Murphy, NMLS no. 297983| Advisors Mortgage Group

For over 15 years now, I have built a career on helping others reach their goals and fulfill their family's dreams.  Throughout each loan process, and with every customer I strive to surpass expectations.

One of the most self fulfilling aspect of my job is assisting those customers that have been turned down by other lenders.  I believe where there is a "want" I can find the "how" over time. 

With years of experience and exceptional resources behind me, I will work relentlessly to overcome challenges and navigate each customer through the difficulties of this day's mortgage process. 

"Walking through a field of landmines can be scary, but if you are with someone that knows where the mines are it is not so bad."

Specializing in:

* First time Homebuyers
* Debt Reduction
* Credit Enhancement
* Process Improvement
* Home Improvement
* Total Interest paid Analysis

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