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Digital business eCard:

  • A smart digital business card which enhances all media platforms and concentrates them in one place.
  • As a company, you can save a lot of time by controlling the back office of the eCards.
  • You can easily modify and update details without needing to print new cards.
  • You'll never run out of business cards.
  • Provide your firm or business with the latest marketing technology.
  • Bringing traffic to your web page by emphasizing the important links.
  • It is Green and helps to save paper.
  • Takes the communication to the mobile devices.
  • Visualization of your services and projects.
  • Full customization.
  • You can send it with a click of a button.
  • Support and service.
  • People can refer you to new customers while preserving the characteristics of your design.

Digital Invitations & Brochures

Create smart brochures, invitations and flyers to promote your business

 Create Your Digital Invitations & Brochures System Now! 

Values and Abilities:
  • User-friendly and easy to create for events, meetings, offers, articles, and all kinds of marketing communications with your clients.
  • Give your clients the best user experience so that they will stay tuned for all your announcements.
  • Attach links, images, or YouTube videos.
  • Easy to share and forward to others.
  • Takes 2 minutes to create.
  • Making your products accessible
  • Connecting your products into a user-friendly catalog
  • Easy access for end user to reach a business owner via built in WhatsApp message without saving contact
  • More...

Digital Surveys & Questionnaires

Create smart Surveys & Questionnaires to promote your business

  • Create Your Surveys & Questionnaires System Now!
  • Values and Abilities
  • Create custom questionnaires with our easy to use online system.
  • Add many types of questions:
    • Open Question (short/long answer).
    • Multiple choice questions.
    • Questions with answers selected from a drop-down list.
    • Date selection question.
    • Time selection question.
  • Add a logo
  • Link notices to a designated email.
  • Export to excel sheet
  • And more...

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