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Ecard is a leading brand of GREENBOOK, a highly creative digital marketing company that specializes in the development and sales of smart digital products tailored to businesses, organizations and service suppliers.

Our main goal is to assist professionals and business owners to succeed and achieve their personal objectives and dreams. We do this by developing innovative, creative and cost-effective digital marketing products. By using our products, we have created an advanced marketing platform that allows for your growth and viral exposure.
User-Friendly One Touch System
Our products are based on cloud technology that allows access worldwide from smartphones, tablets, and computers and does not require any installation or assimilation.
In one simple touch, all your information can be shared instantly with your clients and supporters.
Innovative Digital Products & Services
By using our products, we have created an advanced marketing platform that allows for your growth and viral exposure.
Our vision for the future is bright as we continue developing products that will keep our customers at the forefront of marketing technology.
Smart Solutions for Businesses and Organizations
eCard provides answers for challenges experienced by corporations, and organizations alike.
By using our various products, you directly control the amount of information that is supposed to go to its target audience.
Improve your ability to communicate quickly and efficiently.
Customer Service
Like our products, customer service is tailored to the needs of each client including a fast response from our friendly and professional staff.
We are inspired by our customers feedback and constantly upgrade our products to meet their needs.
Our Services

Digital Business eCards

A smart digital business card which helps you create more referrals for your business by enhancing your media platform and concentrating all your information in one place.
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Digital Invitations & Brochure

A smart digital system that is both user friendly and easy to create invitations and brochures for your events, meetings, special offers and marketing communications for your clients.
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Digital Survey & Questionnaire

A smart digital questionnaire system for collecting relevant data, greatly improving your feedback from your clients.
You can create custom surveys for RSVP, general feedback and data collection.
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